I want to buy some cheese

Date: 12 July 2012

Most of us have heard Monty Python comedy about not buying cheese from a cheese shop along the lines......

shop assistant.   "Good afternoon sir how can I help."
customer.   "I want to buy some cheese."
shop assistant.   "Ah sorry sir can't help you with that."
customer.    "But this is a cheese shop!"
shop assistant.   "Um..... yes."
customer.    "So can I buy some edam?"
shop assistant.  "Ahhhhhhhhh ...... NO."

We had our very own cheesy experience with ACC last week. All we wanted was a stock standard plain vanilla statement of account going back a couple of years.

As any administrator knows a Statement of Account helps us identify which is the offending transaction that created the overdue balance. All straight forward stuff.

TvA accountant;

"We have requested on numerous occasions, in relation to various clients, a statement of account.  The request is yet to be met. Rather we are sent a transaction listing.

Could you please clear up this matter and let us know, does ACC have the capacity to create a statement which includes a running balance.

Mr Tolan, director of  TvA whom heads our ACC advisory service, cannot believe this cannot be produced by ACC. 

Please reassure us that we are in fact wrong and that ACC can produce the stock standard plain vanilla statement of account, at the press of a button.  We so look forward to being corrected on this one."

ACC response;

"Unfortunately the only statement of account that we can send is an Account Transaction Listing"

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