What happens when ACC is not managed?

Date: 21 March 2013

Last April and again in May we wrote a blog about ACC saying (among other points)...

"We reckon hand on heart that ACC invoices are as complicated as personal income tax returns so no wonder you feel dread when you think of it. We have been doing some delving into ACC invoices for a few of our customers - and what we found was a little disturbing….

We looked at about 30 business groups and found

in only 16% of the cases was the cover and cost correct
60% of them were paying too much
Another 16% had chosen the wrong cover option

We think these figures are ghastly. Most people pay their ACC invoices without question, and there is a very high likelihood given our modest research that the invoices are wrong!"

I am confident, if we were to update the above figures the results will be the same one year on, across 50 or so business groups.

In short, another year into providing our successful ACC Cover & Cost service, my view has not changed being;

ACC is more complicated than personal income tax. ACC must be managed to achieve the best cover option at the lowest cost. We do not let the IRD calculate our annual income tax bill, so why let ACC send a bill each year, without question?

We are motivated by trying to help. So we have come up with this service called ACC cover and cost............ Read more

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