Introducing our Practice Champions

Date: 23 May 2013

Experience has shown time and time again that specialist skills are needed to deliver the best service to our clients.  Our business advisory services team now includes qualified accountants that have taken up the challenge to lead the delivery of key services.


Key Service Champion    Service



Manage ACC cover options and related cost to reduce the cost and improve the cover.  Each year 'health check' your ACC cover strategy.

Audit Adrian

Independent audit service.

Banklink Laurie

Banklink set up, training and ongoing support.

MYOB Adrian

MYOB set up, training and ongoing support.

Payroll Louise

Comprehensive confidential payroll service.  HR phone support.

Provisional tax financing Peter

Reduce IRD interest charge and give you more options to take control of the cash flow impact of tax.

Xero Jen

Xero set up, training and ongoing support. 

QuickBooks Brenda

QuickBooks set up, training and ongoing support.


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