You're Special

Date: 23 May 2013

No, don't worry, the world of chartered accountants is not going all politically correct on you.

The thing is, the traditional compliance service, like doing the annual accounts, is being undervalued and treated like a commodity.

Some accountants have responded by making the customer change. Yes, that is an interesting take on it!

Those accountants are forcing the customer to conform, by insisting they use the likes of Xero, to reduce the cost (for the accountant) of providing the compliance service.

For some customers that is the correct outcome.  A plain service for a matching price that does not permit any add-on service.  No more "You're Special" old fashioned customer service.

The downside for the customer has already become evident because accounting service providers now hear a regular chorus of;

"They treat me like a number".

"I don't see my accountant anymore".

"No-one ever explains why I have a tax bill when I have no money in the bank".

"My accountant just sends me the accounts each year, asking me to sign this and that, when I have no idea what they mean".

"Where has all the money gone?".

There is no doubt all accounting service providers have plenty of challenges going forward. This is how TvA strikes a balance between price and service (we are good at balancing stuff).

Our Promise

We will create and explain a tax saving plan tailored to your business.

We will hold an 'AGMplus' meeting with you after the completion of your annual accounts. The focus will be on explaining the numbers and planning for the year ahead.  We will present your numbers to you in a graphical manner, explaining critical data such as where your cash went and the key drivers of revenue and profit.  Most of all, we can sit down with you and tell you where your business could do better.  

We will give you an up-front price so you know how much to budget, a definite schedule and turnaround time tailored to suit your needs.

We will hold two additional face to face (or Skype) meetings with you during the year being, our 'Business WOF' and 'post AGMplus follow up'.  These are touch-base meetings to discuss how your business is travelling and an opportunity to bounce ideas off us. 

We will provide you with ad hoc access directly to a manager and a director by phone, email, and Skype during the year.  

We will email you our regular newsletter, the focus of which is on business strategies and tax saving. 

We will invite you to connect with us via our social media site on LinkedIn and our blog.  We distribute relevant and timely sound bites of value to our clients through these means. 

We will not charge for quick phone calls, emails, or Skype calls to a director because it is important to us that you know that the fee clock is not always ticking.

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