When is the right time?

Posted by: Louise Pope
Date: 16 April 2014

After 15 years of dedicated hard grind Peter Tolan is taking a sabbatical.

In December last year long term employee Louise Pope stepped up as a director to help spread the workload by concentrating on the complianceaspect for Peter's clients, with Peter focussing  on the business advisory service. (This means better service for you.)

Peter had great intentions to take a well earned break between then and now, unfortunately, as the saying goes about the best laid plans ... this didn't happen.

When planning breaks you always try to pick the right time, but "when is the right time?". We came to the conclusion there is never a right time - you simply have to make it happen.

You will agree Peter has truly earned himself a good break and we are making it happen for Peter now.

Rest assured that it will be business as usual at TvA. In Peter's absence please contact Louise Pope or any of the other directors on 03 578 3386.


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