TvA and FairWeathers Directors get BLUE this September

Posted by: Team TvA
Date: 21 August 2014

Please join us...

FairWeathers and TvA Chartered Accountants are teaming up to host a Blue September Breakfast Fundraiser on September 19 which we'd love you to support.

TvA's Geoff van Asch and Warren Croft of FairWeathers on Scott are going to paint their faces BLUE for the special occasion in aid of Prostate Cancer awareness.

Both men are extremely aware of the dangers of the disease - did you know it is the most common male cancer in NZ? - One in ten men will develop the disease in their lifetime.

Sadly, Warren lost his father and his only brother to prostate cancer, and Geoff couldn't imagine his young family growing up without their dad.

Knowing that many deaths could be prevented by early detection and healthy lifestyle choices, Geoff and Warren advocate regular screening with a PSA blood test, and hope the fundraising event will create more awareness, as well as raising funds towards research.

The best way of reducing the effects of this disease is by encouraging more people to talk about how to prevent it. This is where you can help by joining us to learn more and part of your ticket price goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation to help with further research.


When: September 19 from 7.00am to 8.30am

Where: FairWeathers on Scott Street

Details: A delicious hearty buffet breakfast, guest speaker, and spot prizes

Tickets: Available from FairWeathers and TvA, $25 per person, from which $10 goes directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.


Dress in something blue for spot prizes, grab some of our face paint or just come along as you are.

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