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Date: 20 July 2014

LinkedIn has been dubbed the most powerful networking platform for business. Did you know that it is one of the most used internet sites?

What is all the fuss about, should you be part of it - and how can you get a piece of it?

LinkedIn is a way of growing connections in the business world. It is great for reaching out to people for things like information and networking and also then featuring in their business contacts, so that when they need your products or services, they'll think of you first.

Chances are you have a profile on LinkedIn, like some 1 million other NZ professionals. But do you reallydoanything with your profile? Many people believe they could use it better. It is estimated that around 80% of business owners are on LinkedIn but don't know how to use it effectively to grow their business. More than 45% have an incomplete or out-of-date profile.

Growing your business on LinkedIn starts with an updated profile. You might say you don't have time to update your profile. Fair enough. But there is a reason to change that. Are you aware that people Google your name before or after a meeting with you? Because LinkedIn is so highly ranked within Google, your LinkedIn profile is likely to come up at the top of the search results.

So therefore the first impression a potential new customer will get of you is possibly from LinkedIn. Is there enough information available to the reader to give your viewers confidence and peace of mind to do business with you? Will the information they see compel them to respond to you?

Secondly, is your profile optimised to attract your ideal client? Optimising for the human eye and for search engines is the next step. By optimising your profile, you will increase your on-line visibility, which means you will get found by more people more easily looking for the types of products or services you provide.

Would you like to learn how to tap into the most powerful networking platform and start leveraging LinkedIn for your business? We will cover the points in this blog (and more) in detail in a TvA workshopin August. Find out more about the workshop here.


Sigrun Steinhagen

Sigrun Steinhagen is our sales and marketing go to person. Sigrun is in charge of marketing TvA's products and services. She has 15 years marketing experience in a range of industries (manufacturing, FMCG, export, and professional services) and has been active in social media since 2011. Leave a comment below or reach her at or 578 3386.



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