KiwiSaver debunked with these two tips

Posted by: Brenda McInnes
Date: 17 June 2014

KiwiSaver and employees under the age of 18

New and existing employees under 18 can join KiwiSaver by contracting directly with a KiwiSaver scheme provider.

Once an employee under 18 is accepted by the scheme provider, the IRD will write to you and ask you to start deducting their contributions if they have nominated you as their employer in their application to join. The IRD will provide you with the contribution rate for that employee, their name and IRD number.

You're not required to make compulsory employer contributions for employees under 18 even if you choose to make voluntarycontributions to their KiwiSaver scheme or complying fund.

KiwiSaver and employees over the age of 65

New and existing employees who are aged 65 or older are:

  • not eligible to join KiwiSaver, and
  • exempt from automatic enrolment.

If you have any questions related to KiwiSaver send us an email at or contact Brenda McInnes (from TvA's business support team) 03 578 3386.

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