Budgets and cashflow

Date: 07 March 2014

Good management means anticipating your financial needs so you can plan in advance.  It makes sense to have some idea of what is likely to occur in the future.

There are many valuable benefits in forecasting your expected business performance and then monitoring the actual results through the year against your projections.  Not only will you  gain better control of your planning, you will increase your confidence in decision-making, be better placed to deal with any unexpected events affecting your market or industry conditions, but best of all, these things will be invaluable in running your businesses better - read more profitable!

We are running a budget and cashflow workshop on Monday 7 April at 5.30 - 7.00pm, Cost $45 + GST at the TvA offices 52 Scott Street Blenheim.

Are you are new to business and / or have never prepared a budget  or cashflow for your business or maybe just need to brush up on these valuable skills?  Then this is for you!

We have space for 8 attendees, so hurry and book your place to avoid missing out on this fantastic opportunity to make a difference to your business.

Please call 03 578 3386 to register.

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