Christmas vs Cash-flow

Posted by: Sara Fenwick
Date: 08 December 2016

Many small businesses struggle with Cashflow over the holiday season while employees are away and the business has taken a break from normal trading hours.  This can cause periods of Cashflow shortfalls and cause issues for business owners needing to meet obligations, pay staff and overheads while the business is closed.

There are ways to avoid this holiday season becoming stressful while you're enjoying time with family… and that means acting now!  Prioritise your upcoming bills, mark in your calendar important payment dates to IRD and amounts due so you are not penalised for late filing /payments.

Make a point of contacting customers who have overdue accounts and talk to suppliers about spreading out payments.  If you need financial assistance over the holidays, then contact your bank now about organising facilities to cover your loans. 

Being prepared now will save you undue stress and headaches in the New Year.

Do you want some assistance planning your Cashflow leading up to Christmas?  Give us a call 03 578 3386 or email us we can help.

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