Honouring cheques – banks are due to stop

Posted by: Team TvA
Date: 30 April 2021

It is timely we remind you that banks are due to stop honouring cheques in the coming months.

Shortly cheques will no longer be accepted for depositing into your bank account, and this will include making payments into other bank accounts.  This will also mean that bank cheques & foreign cheques will also be obsolete.

Below are dates for our banking branches:

Kiwibank – has already gone cheque free

ANZ – 31st May 2021

HSBC – 25th June 2021

Rabobank – 25th June 2021

SBS Bank – 25th June 2021

TSB Bank – 25th June 2021

Westpac – 25th June 2021

BNZ – 30th June 2021

Co-operative Bank – 30th June 2021

ASB – 27th August 2021

Please be aware if you are a client of TvA, we will only have the following payment options: Internet Banking, Cash or Direct Debit available from the dates shown above.

If you require help setting up Direct Debit payment services, please get in touch - we can help.

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