Running a business from home - what can I claim?

Posted by: Team TvA
Date: 03 September 2021

This topic is one that is asked a lot about - using the family home as a place of business, what can I claim & what is not claimable? You can claim a portion of your household expenses BUT you can only claim the portion that relates to the area of the home you use to operate the business. 

Firstly, you need to work out the floor area the business works out of in m2.  IRD publishes a square meter rate that businesses can claim each tax year.  These rates do change so it pays to check you are using the correct rate.

Expenses could include rent, power, phone, internet, rates, insurance & mortgage interest.  Make sure you keep copies invoices & records of these expenses.

When it comes to depreciation, you cannot claim depreciation on your home.  However, you can claim depreciation on business items such as: laptop, computer, office furniture or fittings.

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