ACC Cover & Cost

Are you tired of dealing with ACC?

We know it can be frustrating dealing with ACC - it's time consuming and sometimes confusing and it takes you away from concentrating on what's important - your business.

So we have taken the bull by the horns and spent a great deal of time researching ACC.

We've looked at many aspects of ACC, various covers, discounts and new money saving products ACC offer which aren't often publicised well.

We are in a position to help business owners deal with ACC ensuring they use the correct cover and the lowest possible price.


  • Minimise cost
  • Maximise cover
  • Save you time

What's on offer

  • A dedicated person
  • Peace of mind
  • Save you time and heartache
  • Save you money
  • Organise payment options
  • Assist with claims

The service

We can look after your ACC needs by checking invoices and the related cover to establish that you're on the best possible cover at the cheapest possible cost to you and your business.  Should the worst happen we can deal with the administration making sure that the compensation owed to you is paid.

Our experience

Sadly, chances are your ACC bill is incorrect. To date we have unearthed ACC issues which have created a real cash saving, or generated a refund, for numerous clients that signed up to our Cover & Cost service.  This is because, in our view, ACC invoices are more complex than most personal income tax returns!

Stand-alone service

Because we at TvA have specifically crafted this service to be "a stand-alone product", TvA does not need to be your tax agent or accountant to deliver this business advisory service.

Our fee:

Annual fee of $297 (self-employed) or $347 (Employers), plus GST.

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