BankLink now comes under the MYOB umbrella, but we still rate it separately in its present form.

If you've not come across BankLink before... prepare to be amazed... This product offers a way of simplifying your accounting and saving time and money.

The benefits are

Saves you time - an electronic copy of your transactions is sent from your bank or financial institution direct to us - eliminating almost all data entry.

Save you stress - you don't need to understand accounting and recurring transactions are automatically dealt with so you have fewer queries from us.

Saves you hassle - you no longer need to provide receipts along with bank statements on all occasions.

And the Cost

  • Software (BankLink Books) - FREE
  • based on volume of bank transactions but typically $20 per month

How it Works

The BankLink service works by collecting an electronic copy of your bank or rural statements from your bank or financial institution and delivers it directly to us.  This virtually eliminates the manual data entry that would otherwise have to be done by you or us.

When we receive this data, we will use BankLink to process as many of your transactions as we can,  saving you time and hassle. 

For transactions where additional information is required we will request this information from you using one of either BankLink coding reports, Notes or Books.

We can then compile the information and use it to prepare your GST & TAX returns and saves time and money when it comes to your end of year accounts.  A wide variety of management reports can also be produced to help you make smarter business decisions.

There are 3 different products BankLink offer:

Coding Reports

BankLink coding report is a paper-based list of transactions that we would send to you by fax or post to you.  You simply complete the report and send it back to us.


BankLink Notes is great for people who are confident with email but not so keen on accounting.  We would email you a BankLink Notes file to complete and return to us via email.


BankLink books is designed for people who want a bit more control. And who know their way around a cashbook.  It's still very quick and easy to use and helps you monitor your financials without spending hours away from your business.

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