Blenheim Chartered Accountants and Advisors

You're unique, different, an individual. So are we.

Are you tired of your annual accounts disappearing into an expensive black hole?

Fed up with not having more control over your annual accounts?  It's something you have to do but every year you have no idea when they will be completed or how much it is going to cost.

Tired of your accountant talking to you in what seems to be another language?

talk this way......

TvA, based in Blenheim, wants to work with people like you who are ready to move to an accountancy firm that does things differently.

We can give you an up front price so you know how much to budget for, a definite schedule and turnaround time tailored to suit your needs, and most of all, we can sit down with you and tell you where your business could do better.

If you prefer you won't hear the sound of the clock ticking because we don't always work that way.

We know that some people wear jandals and others Italian leather. Some are marmite eaters while vegemite is the only way for others. We all have different needs and so we work out what is best for your world.

And best of all, we will speak in a language you can understand.


Beer And Wine