Blenheim Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

Are you looking for some can- do accountants, rather than the grey-suited- look- over- the- top -of -their-glasses type?

Ones who are fresh, innovative, energetic, yes people, rather than the dusty expensive have to have type who don't really get you at all?

One that speaks in your language and nothing is too much of a problem? Ones who are going to help you achieve your business goals?

Then we are your people!

How would it be if you knew exactly where your business was on a month to month basis- rather than getting a set of accounts 18 months later telling you the old news?

How would it feel to be able to make good business decisions because your financial health was accurate and bang up to date?

What about having a set of KPI's designed for your business so you can track your progress

And what if you paid for this on a monthly basis - and your annual accounts were done for free?

We do this - give us a call today, we specialise in business advice. Come in and see us for a no obligation FREE appointment to get you started.

They have always been in our corner and they get us. —Ian Martella, Managing Director, Callahan Martella Electrical