Monthly Services

How would it be to know exactly how your business was performing on a monthly basis?

Not sure how to set that up? We can help.

We have clients who receive a monthly report so they can be more in touch with their business. Do you have a business goal in mind? Or do you need to give a detailed report to your board each month? Or do you simply want to have a more detailed analysis of what is happening in your business so you can make better decisions?

We offer packages on a monthly basis to our clients. This means you are charged a monthly fee depending on the range of services you require.


We receive monthly reports and this allows us to make good business decisions and it also flags things we need to be aware of. TvA are brilliant, we feel like they are working alongside us as a partner in our business. —Suzette Sloane, Practice Manager, Smart Alliances

What you get:

  • Monthly reports on where your business sits financially
  • Reporting on KPI's specific to your business
  • Bolt on services (e.g. GST, PAYE) if you like
  • Free upgrades
  • Free training
  • Annual accounts done for free


  • You have real time information on where your business is sitting financially (you can make better decisions, issues are found earlier rather than months after the fact)
  • Monthly payments rather than one annual fee (better cash flow)
  • Annual accounts are done for free
  • Accountability increases in the business

Come and see us to discuss how we can help you be more in touch with your business and be your virtual partner - every single month.