Our People

Geoff van Asch Director

Geoff was brought up on a farm, so he has soil under his fingernails. He still has this practical bent therefore he can identify with the issues his clients are facing. You will very rarely find him in a tie, and he is not fond of being in the office a lot, he is happiest meeting his clients out of the office on their own turf.   Problem solving is what he does best.

Investigating and helping businesses get to the root cause of issues, and getting some great outcomes so they can go on and improve their business and lives, gives him a lot of pleasure.  It's why he does what he does.

Louise Pope Director

Empowering clients to know what drives their business is what Louise loves most. Working alongside them, as a partner, advisor and mentor is important to her and this is so they receive all the services they need to achieve their goals it's important they trust me to provide them.

'Do you want to be in control - or do you want to hit the ice berg?' pretty much sums up Louise's attitude to finding out what makes their business tick and finding the critical drivers that will help their business go from strength to strength. Watching clients succeed always puts a big smile on her face - and may induce the odd air punch or two.

Karim Valencia Director

Puzzles fascinate Karim. She says accounting is just like a puzzle. She enjoys getting to know different people and has found that all the bits of information she gathers from her clients fit together. Always in different ways, but always fit and they always make the bigger picture and the wonderful thing is she can make this picture make sense to everyone - not just her and her team.

To get this bigger picture she knows she needs to understand the background story, and this is where the fun begins... why a client has chosen their business, how they run it, if (and how) they want to improve it, and that allows the best bit - being able to help... and this never gets old. Helping clients achieving their goals by working out the jigsaw - Karim loves her work - even more than vanilla lattes.