Payroll service

Date: 02 September 2013

Managing payroll is becoming more complex, time consuming and the record keeping requirements are beyond most manual payroll systems.

Having recognised this we have established a Business Support team so that we can provide a confidential, professional and accurate payroll service.  No need to purchase and maintain payroll software, or having you take time away from your business to deal with administration.  Let us take care of all that for you, AND you do not need to be a client of ours!

Whether it is weekly, fortnightly or on an irregular basis we can deal with all aspects of payroll, including: 

  • All leave and holiday pay calculations
  • Child support deductions
  • KiwiSaver contributions
  • Payroll giving
  • Employee deductions
  • Employee payments schedule or electronic bank file
  • Comprehensive, easy to understand payroll reporting
  • Payslip - either emailed or printed
  • IRD reporting and electronic filing

Once the payroll has been prepared it will be passed to you for approval, together with a schedule for payment or a bank file you can import into your banking software.

We can provide an up front price so you know how much to budget, and a definite schedule and turnaround time to suit your needs.

Give us a call to find out more.

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