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Posted by: Team TvA
Date: 21 April 2022

If an employee does not work the public holiday and it is an otherwise standard working day, the employee is entitled to be paid either their ‘relevant daily pay’ or their ‘average daily pay.’  This means that for most employees who have a regular work schedule, their pay will look the same as usual.

If an employee works the public holiday, they’re entitled to be paid at least time and a half for the time worked on that day.  They’re also entitled to an alternative holiday, which can be taken on a day agreed to by the employer and employee.

A public holiday is seen as midnight to midnight, so what about harvest workers on nightshift?  Any time worked on the public holiday should be paid at least time and a half.  If the public holiday is also an otherwise standard working day, then the worker is also entitled to an alternative holiday – even if they only work a small portion of their shift on the public holiday itself.

If the employer and employee agree in writing, the public holiday could instead be transferred to another day (or 24-hour period) so that it covers one entire shift – as long as the reason for transferring is not to avoid paying the employee their entitlements.

April dates

15th April – Good Friday.

17th April – Easter Sunday.  Note! Easter Sunday is not a public holiday, though it is a restricted trading day (meaning most shops must close).

18th April – Easter Monday.

25th April – ANZAC Day.

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