Do you want to improve your business? Make more money?

Date: 12 July 2012

The technology is available and it does not cost an arm and a leg.

Through hosted based accounting software your Chartered Accountant can create an online Dashboard of Key Financial Ratios, tailored to the business. 

When those ratios fall outside an anticipated range the Chartered Accountant will contact the business owner in time to make a difference.

Typical examples would be average age of customer balance, gross profit margin, wage cost to sales ratio, etc.

A variation on the above, at TvA we use an online Business Profit Improvement Programme which allows a business owner to build a realistic budget with real world targets around customer numbers, average sale value, number of sales per customer, leads generated, leads converted. 

Having created the budget, it is compared with actual outcomes during the year.  Being online it is readily available to an owner, accountant, and other interested parties.

Both are really useful products for business improvement.

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